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So, nearly one third of the way though... how are you all going?

I'm struggling very badly!! I'm at 1464 still!

Granted, I had assessment due for my masters, along with multiple job applications (stupid contract work).

But I've decided that I can still catch up. I just need to aim for double the normal word limit and I'll make it. And I'm taking my laptop to work so I can write on the train to and from work, and at lunch.

Fingers crossed...

Day 1

Woo! I hit my target number of words for day 1: 1676. You can read each and every one of those words at finchslastwords.

Oh, I probably should warn you, there's quite strong language in there. I don't expect further entries to contain as much.
Name -> Maddie
NaNoWriMo name -> dairysorbet
How many times have you participated? Um, once, in 2006, I believe? Failed utterly and miserably. :Db
Planned or winging it? I have a vague plan this time around (I had a fairly life-changing experience, earlier this year, and I'd like to document it in some way that is partly fiction and partly factual...), but as to what I'm going to write, I'm at a completely
Name -> Felicia
NaNoWriMo name ->
How many times have you participated?
Once, in 2001. I completed with a word count of 50,017.
Planned or winging it? Winging it! A few ideas popped up in my head in the past few days ever since I decided to do it this year, but none are novel-worthy. I don't have the writing chops to attempt fantasy, so my novel will probably be mainsteam fiction or chick lit mystery.

Does anyone want to be writing buddies? We could bounce ideas off each other and procrastinate together! My email is my username at gmail.com.

Nano Info

Name -> Sassy
NaNoWriMo name -> TaraBensonBoyd
How many times have you participated? This is my first timewith this username, finished it twice as Sassywitch
Planned or winging it? Loosely planned but 80% winging it.
Name -> Kally
NaNoWriMo name -> kallyanne
How many times have you participated? This is my first time :)
Planned or winging it? Bit of both!
Welcome to brisbane_nanos!

I'm your friendly mod, Kally. If you need help or have any worries feel free to drop me a line.

If you have any suggestions or general questions please leave a comment here.

I'm looking for some help on this community (hopefully it'll get big enough!) so if you feel so inclined please contact me.

Happy writing!